A global network for strategy executives committed to staying ahead of the pace of disruption

In an age of disruption, CSOs across industries share vital strategic questions.

The Outthinker Strategy Network helps strategists and their organizations step into the future and execute with clarity. Members get exclusive access to a global peer group of strategy executives and world-class thought-leaders. You will engage in curated learning and conversations. Ultimately you will walk away with actionable concepts and ideas that have the potential to transform your career and organization.

The Outthinker Strategy Network is an invitation-only network of heads of strategy from large ($1billion+) organizations.

If you are interested in applying to the group, please fill out the application form HERE and/or reach out to Zach Ness at zach@outthinker.com to set up an interview. 

Roundtable Topics and Questions Explored


How do we structure incentive alignment?

Is Blockchain hype or will it transform our industry?

What is the future of work?

Can we, should we, develop platform business models?


Artificial Intelligence: are we falling behind?

Is our innovation pipeline robust enough?

What do millennial employees and customers want?

How can we best leverage advanced data analytics?

What skills are needed for our future workforce?

How can we make learning happen in our organization?

How can we compete against well-funded (VC) competitors?

How can we drive organic growth?

Can large organizations be agile, if so, how?

How do you ignite passion in employees?

Outthinker Chief Strategy Officer Roundtable Highlights

How Network Members Engage

Virtual roundtables: 60- to 90-minute peer discussions you can attend from your office on topics of critical relevance to strategists.

In-person roundtables: You can select to attend up to four half-day in-person roundtables per year with thought-leaders on topics chosen by the membership body.

Challenge Forums: When you face a challenge and want to learn how other members have addressed it, we will organize a small, virtual forum of peers to share their experiences and help you problem-solve.

Member portal and content library: We maintain videos, notes, and presentations from our in-person roundtables (while we do not record member discussions, we do record thought-leader presentations), arming you with a library of cutting-edge content. The portal also enables you to interact with strategy peers.

Ad-hoc one-on-ones: When you face a challenge, we will help connect you directly with members who have dealt with similar challenges. We also find members spontaneously connect socially.


By strategy executives. For strategy executives.

“Technology and culture are changing so fast I feel nearly everything I learned for my MBA is now obsolete. The Outthinker Network is the best way I have found to stay relevant.”

“No other group, conference, or exec-ed program has provided me with so much valuable, actionable, and pragmatic advice and tools that I can bring back to my company.”

“The Outthinker CSO Network helps me to stay ahead of the curve so I can better anticipate and plan for everything that’s going on around us.”

“I learn from peers outside of my own industry…I don’t know where else I can get that.” 

“Here I feel at home exploring the different and innovative with my fellow strategists. It is a special, open, safe environment.”

“An unrivaled group of strategy executives and thought-leaders.”


The Outthinker Strategy Network

Outthinker Strategy Network member companies have realized immense value from the actionable tools, exclusive insights, fresh ideas and professional connections created through the Outthinker Strategy Network. The individuals representing their organizations have described the Outthinker Network as "invaluable for bringing new ideas and transformative thinking into their organizations" – enhancing the efficacy and success of their strategy teams and furthering the trajectory of their individual careers.

If you are a senior level strategist at a large company interested in joining the Outthinker Strategy Network, fill out the form below and we will get back to you to schedule an interview.