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Strategic Innovation and Driving Innovation Through People

  • 1550 Broadway, 31st Floor New York, NY, 10036 United States (map)

Rita Gunther McGrath

We live in a rapidly changing world which demands and accelerated rate of transformation and innovation. The emerging dynamic environment is shifting demands of innovation away from product and R&D toward people and the the cultural and strategic contexts that allow or hinder your employees’ efforts to introduce value-creating innovations. Successful organizations need to be able to depart from their outdated linear thinking of the past and create a new agile and dynamic strategy that unlocks the value human capital and fosters a culture of innovation and success. On March 22nd a group of Chief Strategy Officers will convene to explore these issues and develop strategies that allow for short-term adaptability and long-term economic value in today’s rapidly changing and volatile business environment. Discussions will focus around a series of presentations by Rita Gunther McGrath, a globally recognized expert on strategy, innovation, and growth with an emphasis on corporate entrepreneurship. Rita has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Business Thinkers and highly valued for her rare ability to connect research to business problems and help business executives chart a pathway to success.