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Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi – Primed to Perform: Building High Performing Cultures Through the Science of Total Motivation

While most leaders believe culture is critical to success, few know how to build one, or sustain it over time. In this roundtable, Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi will show the Outthinker Network how to do just that.

McGregor and Doshi will explain the counterintuitive science behind legendary cultures, building on over a century of academic thinking, sharing original research into how total motivation leads to higher performance in iconic companies, from Apple and Starbucks to Southwest Airlines. They will introduce Tomo, a simple, highly predictive measurement tool— the Total Motivation Factor— that enables you to measure the strength of your culture and track improvements over time.

Most importantly, they will lead a discussion about how to build great cultures using a systematic and sustainable approach—whether it is a five-person team, a school, a nonprofit or a mega-institution. The result: higher sales, more loyal customers, and more passionate employees.

Speakers: Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi